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Color Me Shocked


This just in from… in referring to the new campaign, they write: “Cheap, secure, local fuel and lots of it! Just don’t mention that climate change thing.” I hate to bring this up… but I’m pretty sure we did.

With a name like “tree hugger” (and for the record I’ve hugged my share
of trees) it’s not surprising that they have a definitive view of the
how things should be if they were king. And in a perfect world, most of
what they advocate seems hard to disagree with. However, we don’t have
the luxury of dealing with how things should be, and are faced with the
very real challenges of how things are.

Fact: 50% of our electricity comes from coal and we need to invest in
the technologies to use our most abundant energy resource as cleanly as
possible. But I’m not here to argue that point today…

Today’s post deals with this… how in the world can our ad be accused
of not mentioning “that climate change thing”? Just read the next line
from our New York Times ad very closely and judge for yourself…

“We’re also investing in the development and deployment of technologies to capture and store CO2 — a greenhouse gas.”

If needs more direct language than that in our ads we’re
all ears. In fact, here’s everyone’s chance… how would you have
directly addressed CO2 in our ad differently? I thought we did a great
job, but maybe I’m wrong????


If you remember one thing…


True story… a few years ago, I was attending a focus group in Michigan
and a participant was asked her impressions on the use of coal in
modern society. As the story goes, without blinking, she said “We don’t
use coal in this country any more, we have electricity.”


Enter today’s launch of the America’s Power campaign!

If you remember one thing today, here it is; 50% of our electricity comes from COAL. (Insert dramatic pause here)

It’s easy to not put a lot of thought into what’s at the other end of
your light switch, but one out of every two people reading this has
good ol’ American coal to thank for the electricity to do so. And that
very singular idea is the reason for the launch of today’s campaign.

Oh sure, at this point I can regurgitate all the facts from the
campaign and the new website, but since you’re here already, why not
take a look around for yourself and when you’re done come back here and
respond to today’s discussion topic

… Do you buy the fact that coal currently is America’s power or are you selling that idea?


Behind the Plug- Day 1


“Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; argument is an exchange of ignorance” Robert Quillen 1887-1948

And so it begins. Day one on “Behind the Plug” and we’re already digging deep into the quote book to set the tone of the Blog.

Why are we here? Glad you thought to ask…we’re here to discuss (see
Quillen quote above) one of the key elements of our society.
Electricity. To be more specific, we’re here to discuss the role that
coal-based electricity plays in our society. How big of a role? Try
this on for size: more than 50% of our electricity currently is
generated from coal (raise your hand if you got that one right.)

When Robert Quillen made his comment many generations ago, there was
no way he could have envisioned the venue that today’s discussions have
migrated towards, namely the Internet. However, his thought is sill
something we aspire this space to become, which is “an exchange of

"A man doesn’t know what he knows until he knows what he doesn’t know.” Laurence J. Peter, 1919-1990

Our discussion needs to be equal parts knowledge of what we bring to
the table mixed in with a discussion of things that maybe we haven’t
thought of up until now. As you read and participate in this blog,
let’s all assume everyone has something to add but let’s be sure to do
so in a way would make
Robert Quillen proud even today.

“…and if you’re not careful, you might learn something before it’s
done. So let’s get ready, eh? Hey, Hey, Hey” Bill Cosby circa 1972.