No matter what you’ve heard, FutureGen is alive

Posted by Joe Lucas at 2:57 pm, November 21, 2008

Recently, we had the chance to chat with Fred Palmer, senior vice president at Peabody Energy

We talked about the status of a project slated for Matoon, Ill., called FutureGen — a public-private partnership to build the world's first near zero-emissions coal-fueled power plant.
(Peabody is one of the founding members of the FutureGen Alliance).

In the video below, you'll hear him say "FutureGen is alive."

He adds, "We'll make a concerted effort in the Obama administration to reinstate the project and get this built as originally planned."

We share Fred's cautious optimism that this important project will get back on track early next year, given the commitments made by Barack Obama — both in terms of this project specifically and in support of the deployment of a number of large-scale commercial carbon capture and storage projects.

Watch the whole video for yourself.

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