Open the door, it’s the Clean Coal Carolers!

Posted by Joe Lucas at 12:39 pm, December 09, 2008


‘Tis the season for peace, light and spreading good cheer. And that’s
exactly what our Clean Coal Carolers
have set out to do.

Stop by to get a
sweet serenade from the seven carolers, send the holiday jingles to a friend
and connect with other Clean coal Caroler fans on
Facebook (where you’ll also learn more about each singer).

We also encourage you to look around America’s
Power to learn more about why coal is the stocking stuffer of choice this
year—it’s abundant, affordable and cleaner than ever…and will help you power
your holiday lights this season.

Enjoy the Carolers,
and have a bright and happy holiday season. 

2 Responses to “Open the door, it’s the Clean Coal Carolers!”

  1. Rob Perks says:

    Whoa. The silliest yet most cynical PR stunt I’ve ever seen. For folks who like parodies of Christmas carols, I offer my own for your enjoyment:

  2. Tanya m. says:

    Thanks for making my point better than I ever could. The energy companies are desperate to be seen as
    “clean.” They can’t debate
    on the merits, so they’re making cutesy commercials.
    Can’t wait to send this to everybody I know!! Its hysterical!
    It would be shameless, but I’m afraid its just stupid.