How clean coal can generate $1 trillion of economic output (event coverage)

Posted by Joe Lucas at 10:38 am, February 17, 2009

Last week, I told you about a report conducted by BBC Research and Consulting that concluded that deployment of advanced coal-based electricity generation facilities
(power plants) equipped with carbon capture and storage (CCS)
technologies that reduce carbon dioxide emissions could generate $1 trillion of economic output and create 7
million man-years of employment

We announced the findings last week in Washington, D.C., along with several labor groups: the Industrial Union Council of the American Federation of Labor and
Congress of Industrial Organizations
(AFL-CIO), the International
Brotherhood of Boilermakers
(IBB), the International Brotherhood of
Electrical Workers
(IBEW) and the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA).

Below, watch highlights of the event:

4 Responses to “How clean coal can generate $1 trillion of economic output (event coverage)”

  1. Lloyd Walker says:

    A zero emission stack gas system exist today. But, the coal industry dosen’t believe it. Believe it or not, an existing stack gas system can provide coal power plant with zero stack gas emission.

  2. Lloyd,
    Could you be more specific? Perhaps point me to a web site? Because I can tell you that we believe in technology and its ability to safely capture and store emissions from our coal-based generating fleet. In fact, technology has made today’s fleet 77 percent cleaner in terms of emissions currently regulated under existing Clean Air Act programs per unit of energy produced.

  3. pin laptop says:

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