Our new TV ad (sneak peak!)

Posted by Joe Lucas at 9:22 am, March 23, 2009

We are giving our blog readers a sneak peak at our newest TV spot, which begins airing this week.

As you'll see from this ad, we are reminding Americans that we all move to the beat of America’s economy. And that beat is driven by affordable energy.

Stay informed about America's energy future, and join us in supporting investments in our most abundant energy resource as a means to create an affordable and clean energy future for all Americans.

Listen to the beat of a moving economy:

2 Responses to “Our new TV ad (sneak peak!)”

  1. Michael A. Scott says:

    Coal – not clean, a sure way to fry our planet.

  2. Michael:
    Respecting that everyone has the right to an opinion, I should point out that technology has made today’s coal-based generating fleet 77 percent cleaner in terms of emissions currently regulated under existing Clean Air Act programs per unit of energy produced.

    I should also remind you that Congress coined the term ‘clean coal technology’ back in the 1980s to describe the technologies used to reduce NOx and SOx emissions. We’re confident that the next generation of technologies will help us with present-day challenges, including carbon dioxide.