The definition of clean coal

Posted by Joe Lucas at 9:34 am, March 05, 2009

Hold on a minute. Did Bruce Niles just say that maybe “there is such thing as clean coal?”

In the CNN interview above, Bruce Niles (spokesperson for the Sierra Club’s anti-coal effort) said “clean coal means different things to different people.”

I’m really glad to see Bruce say that.
Despite claims to the contrary, we didn’t invent the term “clean coal.” That term has been around for years.

In fact, we used the term as defined by Congress:

"The term 'clean coal technology' means any technology … deployed at
a new or existing facility which will achieve significant reductions in
air emissions of sulfur dioxide or oxides of nitrogen associated with
the utilization of coal in the generation of electricity."

- U.S. Senate Bill 911, April 1987

That’s how we’ve described clean coal. But we’ve also gone further. We’ve also said that clean coal technologies will soon include technologies that capture and store CO2.

I’m hopeful that we can end the silliness we’re seeing in some recent TV ads and get back to the serious business of talking about how we will invest in the technologies that we will need to capture and store CO2 from coal-based power plants both here at home and in other countries.

2 Responses to “The definition of clean coal”

  1. Cleats says:

    The whole carbon credit (Guess who has a large vested interest in Carbon credits–Al Gore, the Thief) and carbon warming is BS. It doesn’t work like that. There is no SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE THAT THIS IS CAUSED BY THAT. THAT THAT IS CAUSED BY THIS. You want to COOL the eath? ALLOW Sulphur emissions from coal plants.There is actual and true data that shows Sulphur emissions from…Volcanoes reduce global temps. Hell yeah! Turn the electric coal generators loose, we’ll be less dependent on foreign oil and we’ll cool the Earth off. Now thats a real plan. Actual data from Volcanic eruptions in the past show a DIRECT CORRELATION to GLOBAL COOLING AND SULPHUR EMISSIONS. show that Sulphur emmisions cool the Earth. That is scientific data, not popularist, alarmist, claptrap. The Profs (HARVARD PROFS)who did the original Antarctic ice age core sampling say there is NO correlation to Carbon Dioxide and global warming. the effect is several 3 to 7 hundred years) difference in offset. Mother Earth is a great moderator of all that we fools think is about to happen. Al Gore is in it for the money, the dirty dollar thief.

  2. Priscilla Hinds says:

    Can there really be such a thing as clean coal? My father worked in the coal mining industry for many years,and eventually died from black lung. I just don’t understand the reasoning behind claiming that coal is clean. Coal burning companies, and manufacturers have been polluting our environment for years, and now we say clean coal. I don’t think so.