AstroTurf? I don’t think so

Posted by Joe Lucas at 4:44 pm, August 17, 2009

If you played sports, you might be familiar with the old saying about AstroTurf (which is rarely used in sports stadiums): It looks real from a distance, but it looks different once you see it up close.

This saying has come to mind a lot lately as our detractors liken our extremely successful grassroots advocacy program to AstroTurf—implying that we run an artificial grassroots movement. But isn’t the AstroTurf argument really an elitist way of suggesting that we couldn’t possibly have supporters without gaming the system?

The fact is, we have more than 225,000 community leaders (including 30,000 local elected officials) who are a part of our America’s Power Citizen Army. These people volunteer their time to promote the message of affordable energy for Americans and the timely legislation that protects it. At ACCCE, we support clean energy legislation … but also believe that we should achieve emissions reductions at the lowest possible cost so as to protect access to affordable, reliable energy for American consumers. Trust me—a lot of people agree with that type of balanced approach.

Want proof? Here are some posts inspired by the notes of our grassroots volunteers, talking to every day Americans who really do believe that we can bring new technologies to the marketplace to reduce emissions, and drive down the cost of deploying these technologies so as to protect access to affordable, reliable energy for American businesses and families.

- Street teams in action

- Listening to the energy concerns of real America

- Team Virginia “Jaywalking” in Staunton

- Talking Affordable Energy in Ohio and Missouri

- America’s Power Weekend Roundup

- Team Virginia Talks Affordable Energy In Richmond

- America's Power hits downtown Richmond

We’re proud of our efforts to be a part of a constructive policy dialogue on energy and environmental issues, and we’re not going to shy away continuing to make the case going forward.

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