Affordable energy keeps school dollars where they belong – in the classroom

Posted by Joe Lucas at 1:00 pm, September 16, 2009

As we learned from energy efficiency consultant Fred Shelton, saving money on electricity means more money for other necessities.

This is as important for American schools as it is for American families. Schools that save on energy costs have more money left over for classroom needs and extracurricular programs.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the annual energy bill to operate America’s primary and secondary schools totals nearly $8 billion – more than is spent on textbooks and computers combined!

That’s why using affordable energy and creating measures to improve energy efficiency are so necessary. EPA said one Oregon school system saved $1.3 million in utility costs – the equivalent of 24 full-time teacher’s salaries – by being more energy-efficient.

Imagine how much could be saved if schools generated their electricity from low-cost energy sources like coal. While there is no single solution to our energy challenges, coal is a key ingredient keeping energy costs affordable – something to keep in mind as we open our wallets this back-to-school season.

Take a look at Fred’s webisodes to see how affordable energy protects his family budget, and head over to to learn how much of your state’s electricity comes from coal.

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