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Clean Coal Technology Mobile Classroom Heads Out to the Ball Game in the Keystone State

Batter up! The Clean Coal Technology Mobile Classroom headed to Medlar Field at Lubranio Park earlier this week to visit with fans at the State College Spikes minor league baseball game. By the end of the game, we had hosted hundreds of visitors into the Classroom, and more than a quarter of the crowd was sporting clean coal hats and shirts.  It was great to see Pennsylvanians enjoying summertime and stopping by the Mobile Classroom to learn more about clean coal technology in their state.

Last week, our team was on the ground in Somerset County and made stops at the nearby Meyersdale Farmers Market, a local barbershop, and several local restaurants.  The main thing that we continue to hear is that more and more people are worried that EPA regulations could impact these parts of Pennsylvania.  Many people in this county work in the coal industry in some capacity, and many people that we’re talking to have expressed concern about keeping electricity costs low and keeping jobs safe.

“Coal is our life-blood in these parts,” said Carl, a third-generation miner. “If the industry goes under, we’ve got nothing else.”  According to initial findings from a National Economic Research Associates study, proposed EPA regulations would increase electricity rates up by 17.1 percent. In addition to higher electricity rates, approximately 59,000 jobs would be lost.

Elected officials and candidates visited the classroom this week to learn more about clean coal technology, and stressed the important role that coal plays in the economy. John Vatavuk, a Somerset County Commissioner, and Susan Will, a candidate running for Recorder of Deeds, shared their support for coal and the Classroom.

We’re looking forward to seeing more Keystone State residents as our time here continues.

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The Coal Wire: Democrats, Republicans, Labor Groups Rally Behind Coal

Coal has always been an important part of America’s energy portfolio, but it is hardly something that should be considered a fuel of the past. Americans know that today, clean coal technology  is essential in driving the United States’ energy future. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, businessmen and labor groups all support coal – which provides nearly half of America’s power.

Both Democratic and Republican lawmakers are working together to ensure a strong coal industry in America, which can be seen in excerpts from this story from Greenwire, and this in Politico Pro [subscription required]:

“Coal is a vital resource today and will be long into the future…I believe that we must use coal better and in cleaner ways, and the technology already exists to accomplish this important goal” – Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.)

“As lawmakers, we should be encouraging job creation and expansion, not fighting to end American industries…West Virginia’s lifeblood is coal, which means jobs for many hardworking people throughout our state.” – Rep. David McKinley (R-W.Va.)

It’s not just lawmakers who support the industry. Labor groups see the importance of investing in the industry to help the more than 400,000 industry and industry support workers across the country.

“Here are a few facts that he should know: Coal use is getting cleaner every day, and the fact is that without coal, the ability of our nation to generate anything like the energy we need will be nonexistent. It is in our nation’s best economic, strategic and long-term interests to do all we can to continue developing carbon capture and storage technology so that we can continue to use our most abundant natural resource: coal.” – United Mine Workers of America President Cecil Roberts

The Obama Administration has joined this chorus in support of coal, and has put the money behind its belief. The U.S. Department of Energy recently announced 16 projects aimed at developing carbon capture technologies from coal-fired power plants, with these projects receiving more than $41 million over three years. U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu stressed the important of carbon capture technology, saying:

“Charting a path toward clean coal is essential to achieving our goals of providing clean energy, creating American jobs, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It will also help position the United States as a leader in the global clean energy race.”

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ACCCE Responds to Rep. Conyers Comments on Coal and Clean Coal Technology

Alexandria, Va. – The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity today responded to comments made by Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) yesterday that were critical of coal.  According to media reports, Congressman Conyers in speaking to an EPA Environmental Justice Conference, said that the coal industry should be shut down and that “clean coal” does not exist.  In response to the Congressman’s comments, ACCCE Senior Vice President Evan Tracey issued the following statement:

“Congressman Conyers’ unfortunate statements do not reflect the reality of today’s coal industry, and totally ignore the successful track record of clean coal technology.  In large part because of investments in clean coal technology, major air pollutants from coal-fueled power plants traditionally controlled under the Clean Air Act are more than 80 percent lower than 30 years ago, per unit of electricity generated.  The United States is a global leader in the development of clean coal technology, and with continued private-public sector partnerships, we can accelerate the widespread commercial deployment of these technologies and continue the progress toward electricity generation with near zero emissions.  The Clean Coal Technology program created by Congress decades ago has paid real dividends for taxpayers and the environment.

Further, using coal–our most abundant domestically-produced fuel that is responsible for nearly half of America’s electricity–we can provide affordable, reliable electricity and create more jobs.  We look forward to continuing to share these facts with Congressman Conyers, and all federal and state policymakers, because coal is essential to promoting greater economic prosperity and more energy security for our nation.

Government Makes New Investments In Clean Coal Technology

Technologies Will Help Reduce Emissions, Create Jobs

Alexandria, Va. – The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity welcomed today’s announcement by the U.S. Department of Energy that it will invest $41 million in 16 projects across multiple states aimed at developing advanced clean coal technologies. ACCCE Senior Vice President Evan Tracey released the following statement:

“These investments underscore the important role that coal will continue to play in meeting our nation’s energy needs in an increasingly clean manner. The Department of Energy recognizes that investing in carbon capture technologies will help the United States become a leader in the development of clean energy technologies that can reduce emissions while creating jobs and keeping electricity affordable and reliable for generations.”

The link to DOE’s announcement today can be found at:….

Clean Coal Technology Mobile Classroom Moves to the Keystone State

The Clean Coal Technology Mobile Classroom made its way from Missouri to Pennsylvania this week, with a quick stop in Zanesville, Ohio.

In both Ohio and Pennsylvania, the team met and spoke with different people who would be impacted by proposed EPA regulations.

At Tina’s Diner and Dairy Shop outside of Zanesville, we chatted with staff about the importance of keeping electricity bills low. In Ohio, where 82 percent of electricity comes from coal, small businesses like Tina’s Diner and Dairy Stop depend on low electricity costs to keep their businesses up and running. According to initial findings from a National Economic Research Associates study, proposed EPA regulations could increase electricity rates by as much as 12.9 percent in Ohio.

At the Somerset County Fair in Meyersville, Pa., an industry worker named Kiernan explained why the coal industry was important to him in pretty stark terms.  “Without the coal industry in this area, I wouldn’t have a job,” he said.

Both people who work in the coal industry, like Kiernan, and local small businesses like Tina’s Diner and Dairy Shop could suffer under proposed EPA regulations. Pennsylvania alone would lose 59,000 jobs and Ohio would lose 53,500 jobs, the same NERA study concludes.

Over 550,000 people in this country can attribute their jobs to coal mining, so it’s important to prevent Washington policies that would destroy jobs and raise electricity prices during these difficult economic times.

But you can help! Sign this petition to help secure jobs and keep electricity rates low.

Missouri has a Bright Future with Coal, Kit Bond and State Leaders Agree

Late last week, former Missouri Senator Kit Bond (R-Mo.) visited the Clean Coal Technology Mobile Classroom at the Missouri State Fair. Sen. Bond, who served two terms as the state’s governor and more than 20 years in the Senate, talked about the abundant supply of coal that we have access to:

As Bond noted, “Missouri is very fortunate that we have an abundant supply of coal … We have access to the most available, affordable source of energy.”

In addition to Bond, State Representative Stanley Cox (118th district) stopped by and Representative Michael McGhee (122nd district) came back a second time. As reported by the Ozarks Sentinel, Bond had high praise for our mobile classroom:

“The America’s Power Mobile Classroom is a great way for people to learn how clean coal technology will impact Missouri’s energy future,” said Bond.

Yesterday marked the end of a great run for the Mobile Classroom at the Missouri State Fair, and our team was happy to share the importance of coal in Missouri with thousands of visitors. Help protect coal in Missouri and across the country by signing our petition here.

At the Missouri State Fair, Workers and Politicians Share Their Thoughts About Coal at Our Mobile Classroom

With coal providing 81 percent of Missouri’s electricity, it’s no surprise that several industry workers visited us at the Clean Coal Technology Mobile Classroom at the Missouri State Fair this week.

Earlier in the week, we met some folks who were concerned about the impact Washington policies could have on Missouri jobs and electricity prices.

“We are treating our natural resources as if they are liabilities,” said Max, a former coal-fueled power plant employee who visited us. “What we need to do is utilize our natural resources and employ Americans.”

In addition, Missouri State Representative Mike McGhee (R-122nd District) stopped by the mobile classroom, saying the issue of coal and advanced coal technologies “is of vital importance to Missouri.”

We also gave a tour of the mobile classroom to Missouri Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Randles and his wife Beverly:

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Clean Coal Technologies Will Help Reduce Emissions, Keep Electricity Affordable

Alexandria, Va. – The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, today, praised the announcement by the U.S. Department of Energy that $52 million will be directed toward critical research into clean coal technology. ACCCE Senior Vice President Evan Tracey released the following statement:

“The Department of Energy is making another important investment in carbon capture and sequestration technologies because they recognize that clean coal technology is essential to meeting our nation’s energy and environmental needs. This investment in research and technologies will help ensure that we can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases while keeping electricity affordable for American families and business.”

The link to DOE’s announcement today can be found at: