Three Ways Coal Can Help Create Jobs: #2 – Coal’s Direct and Indirect Jobs

Posted by ACCCE at 10:08 am, September 07, 2011

In the lead up to President Obama’s economic plan roll out tomorrow, Congress and presidential candidates are all focused on one thing: jobs. As part of a series of blog posts this week, we are covering how coal, the source of nearly half of our electricity, can help create jobs and economic growth.

As we mentioned yesterday, the first way the industry helps create jobs is providing affordable energy for job creators. The second way coal helps create jobs is through the coal mining industry, which is responsible for more than 550,000 U.S. jobs.

Right now, politicians are calling for well-paying, secure jobs, and the coal industry is delivering — providing 154,000 direct jobs and over 400,000 indirect jobs.

Our team marched in the Pittsburgh Labor Day Parade earlier this week, and we caught up with Pennsylvania State Senator Tim Solobay (D-46th District). He told our team, “You still can’t surpass what coal does for the economy, what coal does as an energy producer. The opportunities for those folks who are up and ready for a good living and a good wage and a good job, the coal industry is alive and flourishing.”

As you saw at the end of that video, we also spoke with Daniel Kane, the International Secretary Treasurer for the United Mine Workers of America. He shared with us the impact that clean coal technology has on the already stable industry. “If we can become the leaders in developing carbon capture sequestration technology,” Keane said, “it’s jobs for our economy in addition to the coal jobs.”

Are you planning on watching the Republican Presidential debate tonight at 8pm Eastern? If coal is going to continue to keep America strong, we need to protect jobs from harmful regulations.  Follow @AmericasPower on Twitter and tell the candidates how your livelihood is threatened by coming regulations or tweet with the link below:

What will you do to stop EPA regulations that would raise energy prices and destroy jobs? #ReaganDebate @AmericasPower

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