Speaking Up About EPA Regulations

Posted by ACCCE at 1:59 pm, October 21, 2011

Across the country, Americans are speaking up and telling the EPA to slow down on regulations that could destroy jobs.

In a guest editorial for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Hugh McVey, the President of the Missouri AFL-CIO and Dan Mehan, the president of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce—one on behalf of local unions and one on behalf of local businesses—describe the impact these regulations would have on small businesses and working Missourians:

Even if the national and state economies were in better shape, such an extensive series of rulemaking would challenge utility decision makers and power plant operators…In a time of great economic uncertainty, this could burden Missouri workers, businesses and families with job losses and energy price increases that we cannot afford. – McVey & Mehan

In a recent piece published by the Columbus Dispatch, Kevin Schmidt, who works with the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, agrees that before regulations are put into place, a complete assessment of their impacts needs to be completed. For example, EPA regulations could end up costing Ohio 53,000 jobs—something the Buckeye State just can’t afford.

We all also want a brighter economic future for all Ohioans. The fact is, we can have both a healthier environment and a stronger economy with the sound public policies and prudent business investments that will be fostered by balanced regulations… Ohio manufacturers, businesses and families are depending on our leaders in Washington to take common-sense action on this critical policy front. – Schmidt

Losing good paying jobs can be devastating to an entire region, and unfortunately that’s a scenario that many hard-working Pennsylvanians have become all too familiar with.   Ed Yankovich, the international vice president of District 2 of the United Mine Workers, told this to the Pittsburgh-Tribune Review just today:

This combination of unrealistic EPA compliance deadlines and unachievable standards is a recipe for economic disaster…There can be little doubt — EPA assurances to the contrary — that tens of thousands of jobs are going to be lost in the utility, coal mining and transportation sectors nationwide…The EPA needs to wake up to the realities working families and small businesses face in this economy. – Yankovich

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4 Responses to “Speaking Up About EPA Regulations”

  1. Raider says:

    Your paid lobbying efforts amount to a sham. The fact that you are out challenging the necessary duties of the EPA, while misleading the public by promoting that Americans are telling them to “slow down” for the sake of jobs, is entirely disingenuous. “Clean coal” is an oxymoron. It’s an ancient energy practice that needs to be eliminated. It’s time to allocate our energy resources to truly clean, sustainable resources such as wind, solar and water. Organizations like yours should be stopped.

  2. Mac says:

    tribune review????????? what a joke!!! another pro-business conservative RAG..

  3. Mike says:

    I agree 100%, the EPA and the environmentists are out of control! Coal is America’s resource, both in energy and in jobs. Electricity is so essential to everyone in America, we need every advantage to gaurantee that the power remains on. Our national security, our citizens jobs and business is dependent on coal. Stop the EPA do not just slow them down.

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