CCT Project Making Big Strides in Texas

Posted by ACCCE at 11:53 am, January 31, 2012

The Texas Clean Energy Project is joining the list of clean coal technology plants working to change the way coal-fueled plants are run across the country. Earlier this month, San Antonio’s CPS Energy agreed to buy 200 MW of electricity from a federally supported clean coal plant outside of Midland-Odessa, Texas, upon its completion in 2015. The plant, known as the Texas Clean Energy Project, is capable of capturing incredibly high amounts of emissions, and when finished, will be the cleanest coal-fueled power plant in the world.

Using new advances in clean coal technology, DOE reports that TCEP plant will be capable of capturing about 90 percent of the carbon dioxide, 99 percent of the sulfur dioxide, 90 percent of the nitrogen oxide and 99 percent of the mercury it produces.

What’s even more interesting about this TCEP? The $2.4 billion plant will receive $450 million in funding from the Department’s Clean Coal Power Initiative.

In light of this project, it’s surprising that President Obama didn’t mention coal when calling for an “all-out, all-of-the-above” energy agenda during last week’s State of the Union. As the country’s most abundant natural resource, coal is the America’s dominant source of electricity. With projects like this one in Texas and the Turk Plant in Arkansas, it’s clear that coal should be included in the president’s strategy to move toward a clean energy future.

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