A Pillar of Our Nation’s Economy

Posted by ACCCE at 5:53 pm, February 21, 2012

Any legislation or regulation at the federal or state level must, first, do no harm to one of our most abundant and affordable sources of energy while balancing economic, environmental and energy security for this country.

In an op-ed last week for Energy Biz, ACCCE’s president and CEO Steve Miller laid out coal’s historical and modern-day importance to America’s economy and why new EPA regulations on coal-fueled electricity to lead to significant harm:

Coal’s ability to serve as a baseload power source means that it provides the electricity needed for millions of American families and businesses, day or night. Coal makes sure that our lights are on, our water is hot, and appliances and computers are working, regardless of whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing …

To make sure that coal can continue to work for America, the industry needs a clear view of the regulatory landscape. That means federal and state policymakers must ensure that we have both a cleaner environment as well as affordable and reliable electricity. Over the past few years, the EPA has issued or proposed a cadre of regulations that would result in a substantial decline in the usage of American coal and lead to the premature shutdown of many coal-fueled power plants …

Coal has been America’s fuel for decades — a pillar of our nation’s economy. The path forward for the United States therefore must include greater investments in clean coal technologies to continue our nation’s environmental progress, and implementation of public policies that recognize coal’s key role in supporting American jobs, businesses and families.

Read Steve’s full op-ed here.

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