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Quick Facts for a Quick Call

Your senators are back home this week, and that means one thing: it’s time to inform them about the dangers of Utility MACT.

Here’s an easy way to call your senator’s office and let them know that cutting American jobs and threatening affordable electricity rates is something we just can’t stand for.

When you’re on the phone with your senator’s office,  here are some important talking points:

  • Utility MACT threatens affordable electricity. Higher electricity rates will make it harder for small businesses and families to get by. Regions covering all or part of 30 states will experience increases from 10 – 19 percent.
  • Utility MACT will cost jobs. Higher costs mean higher rates, leading to fewer jobs. By 2020, there could be a nationwide net loss of 1.65 million jobs.
  • Utility MACT is expensive. The EPA’s own analysis projects the final cost of Utility MACT to top $10 billion annually. Ratepayers are going to have to foot this bill.

While they’re at home, we need to let our senators know: we will not stand for this. Tell your senator to vote yes on Senate Joint Resolution 37.

EPA’s Expensive and Heavy Handed Regulations Hurt American Families

WASHINGTON – As Governor Mitt Romney visits Craig, Colorado today to discuss how the EPA is hurting American families, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity Senior Vice President Evan Tracey released the following statement:

“The EPA is using expensive and heavy-handed regulations to regulate coal out of existence in America. EPA regulations directly hurt American families and businesses by making electricity more expensive and less reliable. We are glad that Governor Romney is acknowledging the important role that coal plays in our economy, and we urge President Obama to reconsider these over-reaching EPA rules.”

Tell Your Senators At Home: Stop Job Losses and Rate Hikes

Your senators home right now to listen to your ideas about how you want them to lead. If you want to stop electricity price hikes and job losses, you can call them today and tell them to support legislation stopping the costly Utility MACT regulation.

Utility MACT is the most expensive rule the EPA has ever written for coal-fueled power plants. It is expected to cost  $127 billion from 2012-2020, and to result in the loss of  1.65 million jobs by 2020. If that is not enough, it is also expected to raise electricity rates by double digits in some states – the last thing families need when high gas prices are already hurting their wallets.

Click below and call now.

The button above will directly connect you to one of your senators’ offices, giving you the opportunity to let him or her know directly that you are against regulations that harm communities and families.

It’s time we speak up. Tell your senator to vote yes on Senate Joint Resolution 37.

It’s Time to Stop Harsh EPA Regulations

By Evan Tracey

Coal is a reliable and affordable source of electricity, and perhaps most importantly, it is abundant right here in America. Yet this administration and its EPA are about to make our greatest domestic source of energy more expensive by enacting unprecedented, unnecessary regulations. American families are already facing high prices at the gas pump, we don’t need new EPA regulations on coal hitting our wallets by increasing our electricity bills.

In addition to Fairness check our out other two new ads, Energy Economics 101 and Three Short Years. Share these with your friends and family on Facebook, and help spread the word: It’s time for the EPA to slow down.

Big NC Events Need Reliable Plug-In

By Steve Gates

Our partners at JR Motorsports are hitting Charlotte Motor Speedway this weekend. Be sure to look for America’s Power on the team’s No. 88 Chevrolet, and find us on Facebook to stay up to date with future races.

For those who have been, we know that motor sports events are a big deal. Thousands of spectators, vendors, sponsors and teams flock to the tracks for a weekend full of powerful cars, committed crews and fast laps.

It takes a lot to power an event like this. Luckily, North Carolina gets more than 50 percent of the state’s electricity from coal. Coal can handle the heavy lift of providing baseload power to keep the state running. In fact, North Carolina’s reliance on coal helps keep the average retail price of electricity below the national average.

With coal, different businesses and industries can flourish in the state. Technology and finance companies can rely on stable and affordable power to keep data centers running, while small businesses can keep their electricity bills low.

Affordable rates and stable abundance are just two ways that coal is fueling the Tar Heel State.

Administration and Agencies Need to Align

By Lisa Camooso Miller

The EPA will hold hearings this week in Washington and Chicago.  These hearings will help determine whether or not affordable coal power will be able to continue keeping electricity prices down across America. The EPA’s  New Source Performance Standards, which effectively ban the construction of new coal-fueled power plants in the U.S., will hurt American jobs by eliminating coal from our nation’s energy portfolio. Families and businesses cannot afford to shoulder increasing energy costs in this recovering economy. The good news is that Americans who will be hurt by these regulations have the chance to speak up.

Coal is affordable, reliable and abundant. It’s essential for this country to continue using coal as a source of energy. As Joe Biden said in an interview last week:

“We desperately need coal… The coal we burn today is a lot different than the coal we burned before, it’s a lot cleaner…”

It’s time for the Obama Administration and the EPA to get on the same page about coal-fueled electricity. While one acknowledges the importance of coal in the American energy portfolio, the other continues to stifle coal-fueled electricity in this country. Even a member of the Obama “Truth Team,” who speaks on behalf of the campaign, recently acknowledged that there are still problems with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Simply put: the EPA should not impose costly policies that prevent the construction of new coal plants. This week, and through June 25, you can speak up about how expensive regulations will affect you and your family. The EPA will hold two hearings this Thursday – one in Chicago, the other in Washington, DC, to discuss the proposed New Source Performance Standards.

Find out more about attending a hearing in person or commenting directly to the EPA.

Utility MACT is Back: EPA Still Threatening Affordable Power

By Lisa Camooso Miller

Last winter, we spent a lot of time discussing Utility MACT (.pdf)—a measure that could increase energy prices, destroy jobs, and threaten electric reliability.

Months have passed, but Utility MACT is still dangerous for coal-fueled electricity generation. Aside from being expensive—the rule is the most expensive ever written for coal-fueled power plants—Utility MACT ignores current investment in emissions reduction from the coal-fueled power industry. It threatens jobs, affordable pricing and reliability.

Very soon, members of Congress will have the ability to do something about these threats by voting in favor of Senate Joint Resolution 37, or the Inhofe CRA (Congressional Review Act). This resolution of disapproval, along with any legal action, is the only recourse for reversing this destructive and heavy-handed policy from going into effect.

Last week, President Obama’s campaign finally addressed the critical role that coal plays in American energy policy. Although that is a step in the right direction, it is a very small step – and one that EPA regulators should follow.

Tell the EPA to stop these harmful regulations. You can help by making sure your representatives vote in favor of Senate Joint Resolution 37. Now’s the time to help America grow, by embracing coal – this country’s most abundant natural resource for producing affordable baseload electricity.

New ACCCE Ad Campaign: Now Is Not The Time To Add ‘Pain At The Plug’ To ‘Pain At The Pump’

WASHINGTON – The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity today announced the launch of a new advertising campaign about how the EPA’s heavy-handed regulations have threatened the affordability and reliability of electricity in America.  The new campaign will air three TV ads nationally.

“EPA is limiting America’s energy options and adding ‘pain at the plug’ with their regulatory over-reach,” said Evan Tracey, senior vice president of communications for the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity. “America has centuries of a coal – a proven energy source – yet the EPA has spent the past three years enacting heavy-handed regulations that are attacking the coal industry, destroying jobs and increasing the cost of electricity for millions of American families and businesses.  These new ads will draw America’s attention to coal’s importance as a domestic energy source to power our economy.”

To view the ads, please visit:

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