Administration and Agencies Need to Align

Posted by admin2 at 9:41 am, May 23, 2012

By Lisa Camooso Miller

The EPA will hold hearings this week in Washington and Chicago.  These hearings will help determine whether or not affordable coal power will be able to continue keeping electricity prices down across America. The EPA’s  New Source Performance Standards, which effectively ban the construction of new coal-fueled power plants in the U.S., will hurt American jobs by eliminating coal from our nation’s energy portfolio. Families and businesses cannot afford to shoulder increasing energy costs in this recovering economy. The good news is that Americans who will be hurt by these regulations have the chance to speak up.

Coal is affordable, reliable and abundant. It’s essential for this country to continue using coal as a source of energy. As Joe Biden said in an interview last week:

“We desperately need coal… The coal we burn today is a lot different than the coal we burned before, it’s a lot cleaner…”

It’s time for the Obama Administration and the EPA to get on the same page about coal-fueled electricity. While one acknowledges the importance of coal in the American energy portfolio, the other continues to stifle coal-fueled electricity in this country. Even a member of the Obama “Truth Team,” who speaks on behalf of the campaign, recently acknowledged that there are still problems with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Simply put: the EPA should not impose costly policies that prevent the construction of new coal plants. This week, and through June 25, you can speak up about how expensive regulations will affect you and your family. The EPA will hold two hearings this Thursday – one in Chicago, the other in Washington, DC, to discuss the proposed New Source Performance Standards.

Find out more about attending a hearing in person or commenting directly to the EPA.

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