Prairie State Energy Campus Innovates, Implements CCT

Posted by ACCCE at 9:14 am, August 24, 2012

America is home to centuries of coal—the U.S. has more coal reserves than any other country in the world.  Coal is one of America’s strongest homegrown energy sources, and has a long history in the United States. And, according to new EIA data, coal has a prominent place in America’s energy future.

Reasons like these are why we need to continue to capitalize on American innovation to enhance clean coal technology. A few months ago, I was able to tour the Prairie State Energy Campus. The campus, a new clean coal plant in Illinois, uses cutting-edge technology to deliver an energy solution that provides a clean environment, abundant low-cost electricity and jobs to the community.

The campus is home to both a coal mine and clean coal plant, and will ultimately generate 1600 MWs of power with 95 percent of the output dedicated to eight Midwestern-based public power utilities.

Prairie State is a win-win: it provides jobs, uses innovation and technology to help reduce the impact on the environment, and provides low-cost electricity to consumers.

Learn more about the Prairie State Energy Campus in this short video produced by Prairie State.

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