Putting an End to the War on Coal

Posted by ACCCE at 9:48 am, September 19, 2012

This week, Congress is holding an important vote. The War on Coal Act, or H.R. 3409, is a package of bills with a specific, urgent objective: to stop the EPA’s attempt to destroy the coal-based electricity industry. The war on coal is a war on our economy, and harmful regulations are killing jobs and raising energy costs for families and businesses across the country.

Sign the petition to tell the candidates to speak up against the EPA’s actions.

A recent analysis shows that EPA regulations have caused three times as many coal units to shutter than the agency predicted. With this kind of accuracy, who knows how many billions of dollars are left in the balance of their hundred-billion dollar regulatory drive to end coal. And how many billions of dollars Americans will be forced to spend on skyrocketing energy costs.

Affordable electricity is an imperative for our country. When Americans pay more for energy, we pay more for everything. EPA regulations are preventing the coal industry from further developing advanced emissions controls, which have already helped reduce emissions by 90 percent per unit of energy generated over the past 40 years. The War on Coal Act will allow that development, and stop the EPA from implementing their destructive regulatory drive against the coal industry.

Learn more and show your support for American jobs and affordable energy by signing the petition here.

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