In Ohio, the Majority Agrees

Posted by ACCCE at 5:49 pm, October 17, 2012

Tomorrow, we’ll be in Zanesville, Ohio to talk about the impacts of over-regulation on the state and local economies. Ohio gets nearly 80 percent of its electricity from coal, but EPA regulations are threatening this stable, reliable energy source. Stand up for coal now.

Although the focus is on Ohio, this is a national issue – all over this country, EPA regulations are causing coal plants to retire, threatening to raise costs for the small businesses that fuel the innovation and the economy in our country.

Two congressmen will be in attendance: Rep. Bill Johnson (OH-6) and Rep. Pat Tiberi (OH-12). With many plants being threatened in Ohio, and over 200 plants at risk of being shuttered around the country, Reps. Johnson and Tiberi understand that the EPA’s attack on the use of clean coal to generate affordable and reliable electricity is misguided, expensive, and hurting our country.

We polled Ohioans on this, and found that 72 percent think prematurely shutting down coal plants is a bad idea. And yet the EPA’s attacks continue.

Take action: Sign our petition, and support jobs and affordable electricity. Don’t let EPA regulations hurt the small businesses that keep America competitive.


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