Last Debate: Time to Talk Coal

Posted by ACCCE at 3:44 pm, October 22, 2012

President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney meet this evening for the third and final presidential debate to discuss issues crucial to the future of America. One issue certainly needs to be brought to the candidates’ attention: energy in America.

Sign our petition to speak up for coal. There isn’t a more pivotal time for the candidates to discuss energy policy and share their vision on the future of coal-based electricity.

With only 15 days left before the election, tonight’s discussion will be vital to the vote that ultimately decides our next president.  We need to stand together and fight for the future of coal and ensure that it continues to provide affordable energy for the present and future of our economy. Coal remains an abundant, affordable domestic energy source that fuels smalls businesses and American families.

Don’t forget to remind our candidates that Coal = Jobs and sign our petition to stand up for coal in America.

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