Not Even the “Worst Case”

Posted by ACCCE at 11:48 am, October 31, 2012

With coal plants being forced to shutter due to EPA regulations, there’s a lot to be concerned about—job loss, compliance costs and loss of income.

National Economic Research Associates analyzed the impacts of seven EPA regulations, and the results are startling. With these regulations, we’re facing:

  • U.S. employment losses average between 544,000 a year – 887,000 a year. Peak year employment losses are 700,000 to 2.2 million.
  • Compliance costs for electric utilities will total between $198 billion – $220 billion, and average $15.0 billion – $16.7 billion/year.
  • Families will lose between $200 a household to over $500.

These are conservative estimates. The EPA’s regulatory agenda is killing jobs and harming our economy. With billions in costs, hundreds of thousand or even millions of jobs lost, and additional household expenses, the path forward is clear: Stop these destructive regulations. By keeping electricity prices low for business and families, coal helps to fuel the job creation that we need to get our country back on track.

Read the full report here, and help us support the affordable energy and jobs that coal provides by signing our petition.


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