When Coal Jobs Leave, Communities Suffer

Posted by ACCCE at 10:42 am, October 24, 2012

The economy is still recovering. Unemployment remains high, and families all across America continue to be impacted by legislation and overbearing EPA regulations.  It’s never been more clear that in America, we need jobs.

In Southwest Virginia, small towns that rely heavily on the coal industry fear that the worst is yet to come.  This administration’s heavy –handed EPA regulations continue shuttering plants and closing coal mines, leaving thousands out of work.

But it isn’t just those that work in the mines or plants that are being impacted, it is entire communities. Local stores and restaurants depend on the industry workers to keep them in business, and when coal leaves an area, so does their clientele.

As several in the area have said, if coal stops then the economy stops, leaving small communities a Ghost Town.

Remember to share this information with family and friends because it’s clear that America needs coal. Sign our petition, and stand up for communities!

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