Clean Coal in Mississippi

Posted by ACCCE at 2:38 pm, November 13, 2012

Coal provides the energy that America needs to keep our businesses competitive, our schools open, and critical infrastructure like hospitals running.

Companies are investing in America’s future by opening new, cutting-edge coal-fueled power plants.  Watch this short video below to learn what Mississippi Power’s new Kemper County energy facility is accomplishing for the Magnolia State.

The Kemper County plant will ensure affordable, clean energy will be available in Mississippi.  Mississippi Power is installing technologies into their facility that will capture 65 percent of all carbon emissions. Some of that captured carbon will be used to make oilfields more productive – doubling down on American energy independence. And, the Kemper plant project alone has created over 12,000 jobs.

It’s imperative that new clean coal facilities like Mississippi Power’s Kemper Plant continue to be built across America, providing American’s with jobs and clean, affordable and abundant energy.

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