Hurting Coal Taxes Your Future

Posted by ACCCE at 2:31 pm, November 29, 2012

After a long election, Washington has changed gears, and is now tackling economic issues impacting generations of Americans. Energy is an essential part of our economy, and coal is a vital component to ensuring a reliable source of electricity. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently issued a report on the significant role that coal will play in the future, and the title reveals everything: Significant Changes Are Expected in Coal-Fueled Generation, but Coal Is Likely to Remain a Key Fuel Source.

The GAO writes:

Coal is generally expected to remain a key fuel source for U.S. electricity generation in the future… Available information indicates that existing and potential future regulations may make it more expensive to generate electricity using coal, thus affecting coal’s future use.

As we already know, economic conditions and government regulations will play a role in determining how significant that is.

Recent EPA regulations would be catastrophic to the jobs and affordable energy provided by the coal-based electricity industry. These regulations will cause electricity costs to increase for the families and small businesses that fuel our country’s economy.

Coal will remain a key part of our nation’s energy future because of the actions of hardworking Americans who know that regulations against it will hurt our economy and our pocketbooks. Right now, the White House is asking people to Tweet what will happen if taxes go up for their families, using the hash tag #My2K.

If you’re on Twitter, retweet our tweet below, and tell the White House: Regulations that hurt coal are a tax on families. Spread the word to your friends and family, and be sure to get involved!

Regulations that hurt coal are a tax on families! #My2K
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