Keep Fighting for Affordable Electricity

Posted by ACCCE at 9:00 am, November 16, 2012

The presidential election may be over, but that doesn’t mean Americans should stop fighting for affordable electricity, American Jobs and reliable energy.

Over half a million Americans work in the coal industry, holding reliable jobs that provide food for the table, a warm home in the winter and an education for future generations.  America cannot afford to put more of its people out of work.

As I noted in the Christian Science Monitor, we must continue to fight for American jobs, affordable electricity and this abundant home-grown energy resource.

If the president is serious about making our country competitive, he will help to overturn these rules. If the president is serious about making our manufacturers more competitive, he will give them more long-term  certainty and keep their costs down by overturning these rules. And if the president is serious about helping families, then he will keep their electricity costs down by keeping coal a central part of the American energy mix.

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