Now Is The Time to Vote with Coal

Posted by Mike Duncan at 8:02 am, November 06, 2012

With coal at the forefront of this election, we’ve seen candidates from across the country weigh in on the issue. Both presidential contenders have touted their support for coal. Senate races in Ohio and Virginia and other states have made the future of coal a central part of their campaign.

But the stakes are higher than merely campaign rhetoric. As a veteran of five presidential campaigns, I know that the stakes for our country have never been higher.

The EPA’s crippling regulations threaten our country’s economic future. A recent study by National Economic Research Associates estimated that seven EPA regulations will cost more than $200 billion and cause at least 700,000 jobs a year to be lost. By any reckoning that is not only unaffordable, it is un-American. To impose crippling sanctions on the coal industry in the U.S. while other countries like Germany, China, and India continue to build coal-fueled power plants is a bet against our economic future.

Today, we ask that you vote with coal. You have talked with your friends and family, and as an advocate for affordable power and American jobs, I trust that you know which candidates in your state and nationally have stood with coal, and who has not.

Now is the time to vote with coal. Every vote is a stand for our economic future, and every vote counts.

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