Power on Tap

Posted by ACCCE at 12:05 pm, November 15, 2012

Coal has been the backbone of American electricity.  Electricity is generated by two distinct techniques – base load and peaking power generation.  Base load refers to is the energy that keeps the electricity grid flowing consistently, meeting constant demand. It’s power on tap.

Coal accounts for a large percentage of all electricity generated in the U.S., providing the largest amount of base load power that fueled our economy.  While other sources of energy are able to contribute to meet peak demand periods, coal provides consistent and affordable base load energy. Coal is always there to keep the power flowing.

Clean coal is the smart choice for now and future generation’s base load electricity – allowing businesses to keep their doors open and critical structures like hospitals to care for those in need.

The bottom line: coal is an abundant, reliable and affordable domestic resource that will provide power for future Americans. Now Is the Time for us to use this resource.

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