The People of Naturita and Nucla

Posted by ACCCE at 9:00 am, November 23, 2012

With 2012 winding down, we’re revisiting some of the hardworking Americans we spoke with throughout the year about the importance of affordable electricity.

Shawna Sinks. Tanya Narramore. Chuck Zunich. Howard Kettle. Don Colcord.

Coloradoans in Nucla and Naturita depend on the coal industry for their livelihood. Whether they’re working in the mines or running a store in the community, these small town residents rely on the local coal plant for their economic success and survival.

EPA regulations are threatening the coal-fueled power plant that powers the economy of these small towns. Despite being one of the best performing power plants for mercury emissions, the plant is still in danger.

“If the power plant shut down, I would probably lose my house, my truck…everything,” says Tanya, an equipment operator at New Horizons Mine.

It’s not just people working in the coal industry in these towns that are at risk, it’s the shops and businesses supporting these operations will also suffer.

“If you wipe out 150 jobs, when you only have a town of 600 people… you’re going to have a ghost town,” says Don Colcord, a local business owner.


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