Coal – America’s Staple

Posted by ACCCE at 12:10 pm, December 03, 2012

With 2012 winding down, we’re revisiting some of the hardworking Americans we spoke with throughout the year about the importance of affordable electricity.

Across America, families rely on affordable energy to power their daily lives. Coal is the backbone of America’s present and future electricity needs.

The coal-based electricity industry doesn’t just fuel the country, it provides more than a half a million jobs to hardworking Americans.

Institutions like the University of Kentucky offer programs that educate future engineers on the cutting edge, high-tech future of coal technologies. These programs underscore how modern and vital the coal industry is, prepping students for great careers.

Students enjoy knowing their education will be rewarded by working to provide affordable energy for their families and communities. As the video above mentions, even in these rough economic times, the Kentucky coal industry paid workers more than $1.4 billion in wages in 2009.

Coal is essential – both today and in the future. Coal is America’s abundant, affordable energy foundation that allows small businesses to employ millions of workers.  Above all, coal provides stability to communities across the country.


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