Investments are Fueling Clean Coal

Posted by ACCCE at 9:00 am, December 31, 2012

The coal-based electricity industry has invested significantly in reducing the emissions from coal-fueled power plants. And these investments have yielded great results: Emissions have been reduced almost 90 percent since in the last few decades.

This electricity generated from coal is what keeps costs low for families and small businesses, fueling the innovation and industry that is America’s great strength. But bureaucrats in Washington would rather ignore these investments and impose regulations that will effectively end coal-fueled electricity in the United States.

Coal will be the most dominant source of energy in the world in less than five years. The United States is unilaterally moving to stop itself from using the most abundant, affordable fuel that we have. Is this the path forward? Our fragile economy demands that we do everything in our power to unleash growth. That means continuing to utilize the power that coal reliably and affordably delivers. Learn more by watching our informative videos.

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