Welcome to Glen Lyn

Posted by ACCCE at 12:28 pm, December 17, 2012

With 2012 winding down, we’re revisiting some of the hardworking Americans we spoke with throughout the year about the importance of affordable electricity.

Glen Lyn, Virginia: a post office and a power plant. Due to EPA regulations the life blood of this community will be closing in 2015. In a town reliant on jobs from the coal-based electricity industry, job cuts will devastate the community.

Local Pastor Shahn Wilburn fears the negative impacts this will have on the town. “You’ll have displaced families. It takes the hope away from children,” he says.

Glen Lyn’s town manager, J. Howard Spencer, talks about how the EPA will simply waste 200 to 300 years worth of coal in Glen Lyn. Not only will the coal in Glen Lyn help keep energy costs low but it will protect American jobs, which is crucial in this economy.

Coal is vital to communities like Glen Lyn and many others around the country. As Pastor Wilburn says, “This might be an idea that looks good on paper but when it translates down to people and lives it has an adverse effect.”

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