Baseload Power Powered by Coal

Posted by ACCCE at 9:00 am, January 03, 2013

America is powered by many different types of energy. The country relies on baseload power and peaking power to meet its energy needs. Baseload power provides the energy needed to keep America running all the time—keeping the lights on in our hospitals, fire stations and data centers. For baseload power, you must use hard-path fuels such as coal, which can provide power 24 hours per day.  Peaking power is energy that comes on and off throughout the day, when electricity usage and energy demand goes up.

Coal is a strong, dependable form of baseload power, making it an essential part of our energy portfolio. Coal keeps rates stable for families and small businesses—so much so that states using more coal to generate electricity tend to have lower electricity rates.

Using coal as a baseload power in our country helps the United States become more energy independent. Relying on what we have below our feet—roughly two centuries worth of coal—Americans can feel more secure about their energy future.

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