Coal-Based Electricity Remains Strong in Europe

Posted by ACCCE at 10:27 am, January 15, 2013

Coal to produce electricity is on the increase across Europe.  Two recent stories demonstrate the increasing role coal continues to play in European electricity production, and in places like the UK, coal-based electricity in the third quarter of 2012 rose nearly 50% from the same quarter the previous year.

According to Platts, “UK electricity generation shifted further from gas-fired power towards coal-fired generation in 2012, a trend that looks set to continue in 2013.”    Also, a recent study from Deutsche Bank claims cheap coal power is diminishing gas prospects across Europe.

When it comes to electricity production here in the US, it’s important to remember that America’s recoverable coal reserves exceed that of any other country and represent one-quarter of the world’s total coal supply.

One Response to “Coal-Based Electricity Remains Strong in Europe”

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