IN CASE YOU MISSED IT- ACCCE VP of Media Relations Lisa Miller’s Letter to the Editor in Roanoke Times: “Talk of Coal’s Demise is Greatly Exaggerated”

Posted by ACCCE at 10:50 am, January 07, 2013

Talk of coal’s demise is greatly exaggerated

The commentary “What is next in coal country?” (Dec. 11) called on coal communities in Virginia to begin bracing for coal’s demise. But now is not the time to begin eulogizing coal.

As noted in the piece, coal faces serious challenges in the years ahead that will shape the future of the coal industry. But coal has dealt with its fair share of challenges before, and each time has come back stronger.

That’s because coal has been the backbone of our nation’s economy for decades, providing businesses and families with low-cost, reliable electricity.

And, in the years to come, coal will remain a vital part of our energy mix in order to keep rates low and ensure grid reliability.

The reality is this: Energy demand in America will continue to increase and our energy needs cannot be met without coal. Therefore, America must continue to invest in clean-coal technologies in order to utilize coal in the most efficient way possible.

The call of coal’s demise is premature; with clean-coal technology, its next chapter is still being written.


Vice President, Media Relations

American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity

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