What Characteristics Are Needed for New EPA Administrator?

Posted by ACCCE at 11:01 am, January 17, 2013

With last month’s announcement from EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson that she was resigning her post, an opinion piece published in USNews.com this week asked “Will EPA Chief’s Departure Prompt Better Energy Policy?

Author Pete Sepp writes:

“Aside from imposing brutally expensive regulations affecting electricity production, such as the $9.6 billion Utility MACT Rule and other punitive measures against coal power, the EPA was roundly criticized for considering ways to implement, through administrative fiat, failed legislation to impose a cap-and-trade national energy tax.”

The next EPA Administrator needs to understand that it’s best to take a common sense action to protect the environment while not harming American jobs and consumers.

Ultimately, the next head of the EPA needs to fully analyze and understand the full, cumulative economic impacts of its regulations. American jobs are at stake, as well as access to affordable, reliable electricity that is essential to our economic recovery.  Let’s hope, at the very least, the next leader of the EPA has these characteristics as part of their personal philosophy.

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