Nevada in Danger of Higher Electricity Rates

Posted by ACCCE at 11:52 am, May 30, 2013

In this tough economy, Nevada must produce electricity at a price families and small businesses can afford.

One bill, SB 123, being considered right now by the Nevada State Assembly, would increase utility rates across Nevada and guarantee higher profits for NV Energy, the state’s biggest utility. Additionally, SB 123 would require ratepayers like you to foot the bill for both replacement power plants and the idle power plants that will be shut down early.

Worse, the bill would undercut consumer protections by circumventing the normal approval process at the Nevada Public Utilities Commission.

Read the Las Vegas Review Journal’s editorial on the bill and if you’re a Nevada resident, call your State Assemblyman today and urge them to vote NO on SB 123. Thank you for your support!


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