Stand Up for Kentucky Miners and Kentucky Families

Posted by ACCCE at 2:45 pm, June 17, 2013

Today we want say “thank you” to U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield and Kentucky State Rep. Jim Gooch who are standing with Kentucky’s 14,000 plus coal miners.

In an op-ed published last Friday, Reps. Whitfield and Gooch shine a much-needed spotlight on a planned anti-coal protest in Louisville later this week.

The group planning the protest, who is supported by the Sierra Club, has one goal: to destroy the jobs and benefits Kentuckians enjoy thanks to the coal industry.

Coal-fueled plants generate 92 percent of Kentucky’s electricity. The protest group would see these plants shut down and energy prices skyrocket as a result of the drastic decrease in energy supply.

What’s more troubling than this protest group trying to influence Kentucky’s energy policy is that they stand in support of a rule that wasn’t created by elected officials with public input, but rather by the EPA who wouldn’t just hinder new plant creation, but could target existing plants if they get their way.

At a time when coal generated electricity production is increasing around the world, we need strong leaders like Reps. Whitfield and Gooch to stand against this plan to destroy Kentucky jobs and raise energy costs for Kentucky families.

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