What’s At Stake: President Obama’s Upcoming Speech on Climate Change

Posted by America's Power at 4:22 pm, June 24, 2013

One day before President Obama’s highly anticipated speech on climate change, energy producers, small businesses and families are all preparing for the impact of a potentially serious shift in energy policy.

On one side, American energy producers, who want to operate within a reasonable framework, continuing to advance cleaner more efficient technology projects; and on the other, environmentalists and the EPA, who do not seem interested in finding a balance between protecting jobs, keeping energy prices affordable and producing cleaner energy.

Jean Chemnick, reporting for E&E examined how industry and political leaders are gearing up for the President’s speech and turned to ACCCE President and CEO Mike Duncan for his insight:

If the government creates standards that are not practical, they risk not just shutting down existing plants, but also halting the development of additional clean-coal technology facilities.  Taking America’s most significant source of electricity offline would have disastrous consequences for our nations economy.

Energy policy is about jobs and finding a way to produce cleaner more efficient power but mostly it’s about keeping the lights on for American families.  We hope that the President and his Administration recognize these priorities tomorrow when he addresses climate change.

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