Just The Beginning

Posted by America's Power at 2:14 pm, July 10, 2013

The negative impacts of the EPA’s proposed regulations are already being felt by American workers.

Citing the cost of compliance with current and future regulations, FirstEnergy Corp. announced its plan to decommission two coal-fueled power plants in Pennsylvania: Hatfield’s Ferry Power Station in Masontown and Mitchell Power Station in Courtney.

FirstEnergy Corp. was already working to make these plants cleaner and more efficient – investing nearly $1 billion in environmental controls at Hatfield’s Ferry.

The technology at Hatfield’s Ferry included current supercritical technology and massive scrubber modules on all three units, increasing efficiency and reducing sulfur-dioxide emissions by 98 percent.

The company’s initial estimate is that about 380 plant employees and generation-related positions will be impacted by the need to shutter the plants in the face of onerous regulations.

It’s not just these two plants in Pennsylvania and it won’t just be those 380 American workers. Already, 294 coal unit closures across 33 states have been announced as a result of EPA policies.

For more information about these Coal Unit Shutdowns, check out our most recent research document.

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