Governors on Both Sides See a Future for Coal

Posted by America's Power at 1:38 pm, August 01, 2013

Two Governors from opposite sides of the country and from opposite sides of the aisle are both standing up for our coal communities.

This morning, Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, a Democrat from West Virginia lead a delegation to meet with EPA administrator Gina McCarthy to talk about coal and how important it is to life in W.V.

Yesterday, Governor Matt Mead, a Republican from Wyoming wrote an article titled “Coal is part of our future” laying out exactly how coal has helped the people of his state and been a by being a driving force for growth and progress across the U.S.
Finding ways to use our most abundant domestic energy resource isn’t a partisan issue.  Leaders on both sides of the political divide know that coal is going to continue to be the dominant source of energy in the United States, and leaders on both sides want to find ways to make our coal-fueled plants cleaner and more efficient.
We’re encouraged that Governors Tomblin and Mead are taking a stand for our coal communities and helping to show that coal will continue to be a part of our future.


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