Mike Duncan on Morning Briefing

Posted by Mike Duncan at 3:10 pm, October 22, 2013

This morning, I had the opportunity to discuss the impact of the new proposed EPA regulations on coal communities across the country.

The threat these potential rules pose are very real and we need to do everything we can to convince the EPA that they’re on the wrong path.

The EPA’s approach is to overreach and over-regulate, threatening an industry that supports hundreds of thousands of jobs, provides reliable and affordable energy, and is already working on our own to develop cleaner more efficient technology.

What may be worse than the EPA’s approach is their attempt to cover what they’re really trying to do.  The EPA has announced a listening tour to understand public reactions to their proposal, but they won’t be stopping in any major coal communities.  This make it less of a listening tour and more of a publicity stunt.

If you want to stand up against government overreach, use our comment tool to send a letter directly to the EPA.

If you want to listen to my full interview, click here.

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