Posted by Laura Sheehan at 3:58 pm, October 10, 2013

Why would somebody celebrate job losses and praise the destruction of a local American community?

The Sierra Club is publicly celebrating the “victory” of the 150th coal plant retirement attributed to their own efforts. It is akin to partying at the funeral of families and communities whose livelihoods have been devastated by these plant closures.

When a coal plant shuts down, the impact is felt by employees at the plant and the mines that supply it; and spreads across the community, the state, and even the nation in the form of lost jobs and higher electricity rates for businesses and families.

If Sierra Club had its way, America’s energy future would be dark. They want to permanently phase out coal from our nation’s energy portfolio by 2030. This would be devastating to our economy and our energy infrastructure as coal provides 40% of America’s electricity.

This is not a “victory” and shame on Sierra Club for claiming it so. This is a loss for the thousands of coal communities that continue to reel from plant and mine shutdowns.

The diminished use of clean coal would result in dangerous overreliance on intermittent and unreliable energy sources, and it would cripple America’s energy portfolio.

Stand with coal communities and stand up against the EPA’s cronies at Sierra Club. Go to today and let the EPA know that clean coal technology means affordable energy and American jobs.

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