Stand Up for Coal

Posted by Laura Sheehan at 4:51 pm, October 03, 2013

On September 20, 2013, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced the proposed Carbon Pollution Standards for New Power Plants.

These unrealistic regulations will essentially put a de facto ban on the development of future clean coal plants by requiring technology that’s not fully developed or commercially viable.

The American coal-based electricity industry is vital to the economy, both nationally and locally. Electricity generated by coal is not only reliable and affordable but, importantly, is also a critical component in our quest for energy security. These new proposed standards would be devastating to the industry and our businesses and families that rely on coal to power America.

The proposed regulations also jeopardize the well-being of America’s energy workers and, if put in place, will result in higher energy bills for consumers across the board. EPA is willing to risk all of this, even though their actions will have no meaningful impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

It is important for you to get involved and to stand up for the coal-based electricity industry and America’s energy future.

We have created an easy tool for you to send a comment onto the official proposed EPA regulation and encourage you to take action without delay.

It is a simple, effective way to get involved and to tell the EPA not to cripple the development and innovation of clean coal technology. We must ensure that coal remains a vital part of our energy portfolio.

We need to spread the word about the strides the industry is making in cutting-edge technology to produce cleaner electricity from coal. Further, we must not cede our global leadership in clean coal technology development to countries like China.

We should be encouraging innovation and growth and future economic prosperity, not squashing it with burdensome regulations.

Stand up for coal and send a comment to the new proposed EPA regulations.

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