Spending Millions to Destroy Jobs

Posted by ACCCE at 3:28 pm, December 04, 2013

It seems unbelievable that in our current economy, anyone would spend millions of dollars trying to destroy American jobs, but that is exactly what the Sierra Club has been doing throughout 2012.

Over the course of the last year, the Sierra Club spent roughly $27 million dollars trying to force closures of coal-fueled generating plants.

These plant closures that they’ve been celebrating aren’t abstract.  They aren’t theoretical.  They represent real people losing real jobs.

Our own Laura Sheehan spoke to SNL Energy to talk about this recent big dollar push from environmental activists.

“Much like David facing Goliath with a slingshot, we know the odds are against us. At the end of day, however, right is on our side. We are fighting for the men and women throughout this country who get up every day to ensure that all Americans have the affordable energy they need to power their lives.”

We know how important it is to fight for American jobs and reliable, affordable energy for our families and our businesses and we plan to keep fighting to protect our coal communities.

What’s worse than the Sierra Club celebrating job losses is their true purpose in these efforts.  They’re trying to use these coal-fueled plant closures as nothing more than a fundraising ploy.

“Unlike the Sierra Clubs of the world, what we do is not designed to raise money; it is designed to protect Americans’ best interests.”

What this boils down to is very straight forward – we’re protecting American jobs and communities that rely on coal, while the Sierra Club is lining their own pockets. Campaigning to put hardworking American men and women out of a job isn’t something of which any group should be proud.

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