Leveling with the American People on the Climate Action Plan

Posted by Laura Sheehan at 6:14 pm, January 28, 2014

In anticipation of tonight’s State of the Union address, we’re hopeful the President will be candid about the impacts of his environmental policies and level with the American people about his Climate Action Plan.

Reports suggest the President will focus his speech on job creation, income equality and economic growth.  Unfortunately, this is little more than rhetoric.  In fact, this administration’s assault on coal-fueled power is having the exact opposite effect, jeopardizing our economic future and costing Americans their jobs.

“While the President touts that his second term will address economic inequality, his own Administration’s regulations on coal-fueled electricity will have a lasting and devastating impact on low and fixed-income communities and areas of the country dependent on coal-related jobs.” – ACCCE President and CEO Mike Duncan

Read our entire statement on tonight’s State of the Union address here, and visit AmericasPower.org/SOTU to follow our coverage of tonight’s speech.

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