The “Go It Alone” Climate Crusade

Posted by Laura Sheehan at 9:35 am, February 19, 2014

Members of Congress from both parties agree that we must protect the thousands of jobs and communities supported by the coal industry, not to mention the millions of households that depend on coal for low-cost energy.

Unfortunately, this bipartisan effort is being undermined by President Obama’s “go at it alone” climate crusade that’s prioritized ideological activism over U.S. economic security, as a new Wall Street Journal editorial documented today.

The president’s plan to govern without involving Congress has helped costly, politically motivated regulations move forward, despite the objections of American families and businesses that rely on the affordable energy coal provides.

EPA regulations will require any new coal-fueled power plants to install carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology.  The administration knows that CCS is not commercially viable and that by stipulating this requirement, it is placing a de facto ban on future coal plants. And with new regulations due this summer that threaten to shut down a major portion of our existing coal fleet, President Obama and his EPA will be inflicting damage that will surely devastate family budgets and businesses’ bottom lines.

Rather than pursue deliberative, democratic legislation, the White House has instead enacted onerous regulations through executive fiat. We all stand to lose if President Obama continues his unilateral pursuits.

Tell the White House that you support jobs, not politicized rulemaking that threatens the well-being of every American in the form of higher energy costs.

Sign our letter to the EPA and help us stand up for jobs and democracy.


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