Let Your Voice Be Heard

Posted by Laura Sheehan at 2:48 pm, March 05, 2014

America’s energy future is at a crossroads. President Obama and his activist Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are working to cut coal out of our energy portfolio—for good. Newly proposed regulations will place a de facto ban on the construction of any new coal plant in America, undermining American families’ and business’ access to affordable, reliable electricity.


We were encouraged to learn that EPA recently extended the comment deadline for its New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) to May 9, 2014, meaning there’s still time to take action and make our voices heard. America’s Power has been gathering comments from supporters across the country, and we hope to use EPA’s extension as a renewed effort to weigh in on this critical debate.


The Sierra Club has been boasting of 4 million supportive comments. Do we want the voices of environmental special interest groups to ring the loudest? No. The EPA needs to hear from those who will be impacted most directly by its costly regulations. If you believe that we need an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy that ensures our electricity remains dependable and affordable, let EPA know that its regulations are unreasonable.


Click here to take action and join the fight to protect low-cost energy from coal.

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