Clean Air Month: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Visits Mississippi’s Kemper County Energy Facility

Posted by Laura Sheehan at 3:55 pm, May 28, 2014

America’s Power has teamed up with Dale Earnhardt, Jr. again, this time highlighting the advancements in clean coal technology to improve emissions.

Since May is Clean Air Month, we visited the Kemper County Energy Facility in Kemper County, Mississippi with Dale Jr. Kemper is one of the cleanest coal plants in the world. By using the most advanced admissions technologies at work in the U.S., Kemper will be able to power the local community in Mississippi cleaner than ever before. Not only is Kemper utilizing cutting edge technology, but it is also investing in the community by boosting local economic activity, increasing tax revenue, hiring local workers and more.

While at Kemper we got to see first-hand the advanced carbon capture technology they are putting into action. Carbon is separated and transported, in Kemper’s case to local oil fields where it is used in the enhanced oil recovery process.

Just like Dale Jr. says in the video, coal is America’s power and works to keep utility costs low and stable in homes and businesses. Dale Jr. himself is a business owner and understands the importance of reliable and affordable electricity to any business’ operations.

We’re proud to partner with Dale Jr. and spread the word about innovative clean coal technologies like those at work at Kemper. Be sure to check out our most recent video and visit to learn more:


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