From Their Point of View, Vol. 2

Posted by Elizabeth Jennings at 2:25 pm, May 20, 2014

In continuing with our shared stories series, please see below for some excerpts from concerned citizens voicing their fears on the proposed EPA regulations on America’s existing coal fleet scheduled to be announced on June 2nd. If overly stringent, as we suspect, these proposed regulations will force the retirement of hundreds of coal-fired plants as well as eliminate jobs and cause skyrocketing electricity prices for families and business throughout the country.

“People need to wake up. Sure the EPA and greens are griping about oil and gas, but not like they are coal… With the oil and gas companies pumping so much money into our government officials, the EPA , Sierra Club and the media, we hardly have a chance. A lot of the pollution we are blamed for belongs to someone else. Signed, A Proud 37 year Coal Miner “

“How about turning the tables and start investigating how these people live their lives… cars they drive, how they heat their homes, if they have cookout,  [have a] smart car… is it electric?????”

This was my personal favorite recently. I truly do wonder with all those that have a smart car who advocate against coal—when you plug your car in to the wall, what do you think is powering it??

And simply:

“We need to protect our coal industry….take a stand in helping our coal jobs for the good of this country and for the many jobs we need to protect….”

Rumor has it that the President himself will be delivering the rule on June 2nd. Here’s to hoping that in the end, those that are behind powering this great nation will be spared by these overreaching regulations.

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