Continuing to Share Your Stories

Posted by Elizabeth Jennings at 11:45 am, June 05, 2014

Continuing our “Share Your Story” segment, I decided to go to our Facebook page and collect some thoughts that you all were sharing with us in our comments section of our posts. It’s always amazing to see everyone band together towards a more affordable and reliable energy future. Here’s what you all are saying:

“You talk about state’s rights. Here’s an example where states need to enforce their rights. I wonder how much money we could slash from the budget if we could eliminate the EPA.”

If we have another winter like this past one, without the coal fired plants we will have significant power outages. All though the environmentalists in California will not care about the people in the Midwest and Northeast.”


In response to our macro for “What does Coal mean to you?”:

 “It means that I will have lights when the sun goes down and Barry is taking that away from us. Electricity will be unaffordable after he is done we will all be back to candles.”

“It means my family will eat, my husband is a good man who works hard in the mines to take care of us and we are so proud of him.”


It’s also great to see everyone engaging in conversation on posts as well. This week, in response to our posting of an Associated Press article, you all had a short conversation which was great and I wanted to highlight:

“I can’t imagine our power bills any higher! Southwest Virginia is going to be dead and people will have to move away to get work.”

  • “Same here in eastern Kentucky…My great great great great grandfather walked into eastern Kentucky with Daniel Boone…This is home, I don’t want to leave…..”
  • “It is the same for us in PA too. The last couple of years’ work has been getting worse. My husband has worked in coal most of his life and now at 63 what are we to do?? This government is only hurting the working middle class!!”

“Do you realize that the invention of electricity due to coal has extended life expectancy over the past 150 years? The industry is cleaner today than ever.”


Many thanks to everyone on Facebook who continues to be a part of the energy conversation. We will soon be putting out another comment tool so that we can all tell the EPA to Keep America’s Power On.

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