My Opportunity at ACCCE

Posted by Ashari Taylor-Watson at 11:23 am, July 21, 2014

This summer I had the privilege of being an intern with The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.  This was not just an internship, but a captivating and challenging experience for the summer. While at ACCCE I found place where I could thrive, all while learning new things. Coal was resource that I knew little about, but now after working with ACCCE, I have learned the value and the importance of how coal connects people all over the world as it offers a reliable source of energy, provides job security, and generates much-needed local revenue. This summer was especially important and exciting to be in the industry due to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations on coal-based power. Joining an organization that understands the importance of coal to American people and their way of life, raised my level of patriotism and respect for this great country.

As an intern with the State Affairs and Outreach team, I worked closely with a team of professionals who taught me the different aspects of advocacy at the state level. This team is full of caring, patient people who had a vested interest in helping me not only develop my skills, but also who took the time to impart valuable advice to help me continue to thrive and advance in my personal life.  Darren Bearson, Jade Davis, and Katie Gates all taught me the different positions, directions, and approaches that define State Affairs and Outreach. While working with this department, I was invited to many different events in which I was able to network and meet new people passionate about interested that I too shared. The whole department was welcoming and more than happy to help answer my many questions about ACCCE’s work, and what role the team plays in advancing ACCCE’s goal.

Jade Davis played an especially important role in my summer at ACCCE as he took the time to assign me work that was meaningful, worthwhile, and informative. One assignment in particular really stands out in my mind, and that’s an extensive presentation he asked me to construct. While working on the power point, I learned about ACCCE, coal, and the different member companies. I got an excellent overview of the operations, while contributing something to the team that Jade told me would be used long after my internship was complete. This experience is a small example of how my overall internship at ACCCE taught me the importance of seizing opportunities, networking, and connecting with others.  ACCCE introduced us to many people who were more than willing to offer advice and connect with us so that we might also have different opportunities. This internship was the beginning of many great discoveries that have been informative, challenging, and rewarding. Working with ACCCE taught me to seize every opportunity and work to achieve every goal.


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